Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

The key success of Emcure’s API research and development has resulted in the creation of S-Amplodipine Besilate, Dydrogesterone, Ferric-carboxymaltose, Iron ascorbate and Erubilin.

What is an API?

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is a substance in a finished pharmaceutical product, which has a pharmacological activity or is responsible for generating a direct effect in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a disease.

Pillars of API research at Emcure

Chiral chemistry

Emcure is recognized as the pioneer in chiral chemistry. It has effectively developed and marketed 11 chiral molecules which have demonstrated greater effectiveness, safety and require lesser dosage than their non-chiral counterparts. Examples: S(-) Amlodipine Besilate, S (-)Metoprolol Succinate, Dexrabeprazole Sodium, S(-) Etodolac, Dexketoprofen Trometamol.

Peptide chemistry

Emcure’s focus of research in this area involves both solid & solution phase peptide synthesis chemistry. The most critical segment of peptide research is the high-end separation of peptides in order to ensure their structure, purity and potency is maintained. Emcure has perfected the science of separation of peptides at manufacturing scale by implementing state- of- art technology along with the development of high-end skill set

Complex Generic APIs

Owing to their complex structural parameters, these products require unique process maneuvering. Also, the characterization and bioequivalence studies require sophisticated spectroscopic and biochemical analysis. All these requirements have been built in- house to ensure safety and efficacy of complex generic APIs.

Onco products

Emcure has always been a market leader in onco-products for both domestic as well as other regulated markets. Keeping that commitment to the patients in mind, it has been able to develop extremely complex APIs entailing multi-step transformation and concomitant generation of chiral centers

Iron molecules

Emcure is a market leader in iron- based products. Iron products need complex characterization techniques and require niche skill set to achieve desired quality. Emcure’s analytical research department has been able to master these skills to deliver such complex generics for the customers. As a result, products such as Iron-sucrose, Ferric-carboxymaltose and Iron ascorbate have been made available to patients


Emcure has developed expertise in manufacturing ARV APIs while improving cost efficiencies to make them available at affordable prices. It has successfully commercialized products such as Atazanavir, Ritonavir, Dolutegravir and Tenofovir


Emcure has developed expertise to deliver complex generics via phytochemical transformations. Delivery of these products needs customized reactor design with intricate photochemical reactor design. These products can only be delivered with mellifluous integration of state- of- art engineering and complex chemistry which Emcure has mastered over the years. Example: Dydrogestrone


Emcure has a dedicated state-of-the-art facility for the production of Immunosuppressant API. The segregated area for manufacturing immunosuppressant products API has minimum personnel intervention with a high degree of isolation. It has developed molecules such as Fingolimod and Mycoplenolate

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