Emcure formulations research is centered on developing multiple dosage forms and novel drug delivery systems which are capable of greater efficacy and better patient compliance

The key strength of the formulation research and development is the turnaround time taken from R&D to patients. This is led by a strong understanding of clinical and regulatory pathways.

First to

Attributed with many firsts to introduce pharmaceutical products such as dapoxetine, troxipide and ferric carboxymaltose and a range of chiral molecules such as S-amlodipine, S-metoprolol and s-atenolol

Novelty drug delivery systems

In the process of developing novel drug delivery systems based on the liposomal and nanotechnology platforms. Also identified several antifungal, antibiotic and oncology products that will be developed using these platforms

Pioneers in Chiral Chemistry

Effectively developed and marketed 11 chiral molecules which have demonstrated greater efficacy , safety and require lesser dosage than their non-chiral counterparts

Ongoing product research is focused on dosage forms including

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